What is Mind?

It is awareness and ignorance.
It is awareness of ignorance
and it is ignorance of awareness.

The opposite of awareness is ignorance.
However, the moment awareness recognises ignorance,
ignorance dissolves.
When knowing is present, not knowing vanishes.

Mind has two aspects:
an essential nature of clarity
…pure awareness…
…a vessel of no circumference…


its contents (thought)
of which awareness is aware,
creating a vessel of fixed circumference.

Mind essence, resting in its own nature, is absolute reality – non duality.
Its contents (thought) are conventional reality – a duality.
When pure awareness forgets its own pure awareness,
it becomes ordinary awareness
and only perceives that of which it is aware; thoughts.
Thus ignorance-duality-conventional-reality is born.

Mind essence is perfect clarity and indisputable.
The contents (thought) of mind are impermanent and disputable.

The conundrum.
Our problem is a mind battling in conflict with itself.
When mind essence and thought are recognised as inseparable
– one reflecting the other –
we have the beginnings of enlightenment.

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