Shit Doesn’t Just Happen

I’ve heard spiritual teachers say, “Shit just happens” and “It is as it is” and that we should just deal with it and let it go.

Shit does not ‘just happen’: it has a cause and under the right conditions, it will manifest, in the same way as everything else in the universe. Things don’t just happen. If we’re not careful when listening to others, and don’t look closely enough, we can become sucked in to repeating phrases that please the natives – phrases that are easily digested and turn out to be shit (waste matter left after the nutritious content has been digested). This shows a lack of understanding, especially of the modern world.

We have to take into account that there are many traditions which offer slight different methods and understandings, and within those traditions there are teachers who each employ slightly different methods. And of course, the students have different approaches and abilities so we follow that which resonates with us, while being very careful. In each tradition of Buddhism, there are nine levels (yanas), and although the same words may be used, the meaning changes and refines.

This is where the material world and the spiritual world have to meet. If we don’t understand how the material world works and are blinkered by just listening to ‘the teachings’ we may find ourselves happy but vulnerable. Here, I have to say that Tibetan lamas are ignorant of the degree to which deception is being used against people, and the psychology that is behind the manipulation human understanding. In short, we are being made more left brained than right brained, and as such, are easier to control.

Due to the laws of like-attracts-like and karma, we fall into the same cyclic patterns: it’s important to remember that there is individual karma and there is collective karma, held together by our karmic responses to everything. Our ignorance. Reaction to any situation is our karmic response, which is a product from the past. The situation in which we find ourselves is one that we created. We usually find that the same things keep happening to us.

OK, now I can get to the point! Most of the time, we can track how the present moment was due to our inattention to detail at some point, when we ignored something. But when deception is part of the equation, this is not so easy to see. When our bodies break down and something goes wrong and an illness of some sort occurs, religion puts this down to karma or God, and the world puts it down to ‘these things happen and we don’t know why but here’s the treatment’. Quite often, the treatment triggers something even worse…things don’t just happen.

Here, I need to refer you to a book called Trick and Treat, by Barry Groves, who is a food investigator. His website is This is something for you to investigate as it is a huge subject: basically, it transpires that we are eating too many carbohydrates and not enough natural fats (along with the designation of cholesterol levels being deliberately set too low). We have an imbalance in the body. The point is that we are being tricked into eating so-called healthy food by Big Food and then treated by Big Pharma. Of course, Big Agriculture is also involved. Ill health makes a lot of money…shit doesn’t just happen.

For the past few decades, shit has been designed. We are made ill by ignorance: we just have to be aware of this. Ignorance is costly. We are not blaming anyone, we are merely being aware of what is happening in this modern global world. After all this is the Kali Yuga. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact.

Wars are designed, by dividing and conquering, by Big Military and Big Government with a Big Idea.

Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Noooooo…Shit Doesn’t Just Happen…neither do coincidences just happen !

    • tony says:

      What these sad-over-educated manipulators don’t understand is that THEY are waking people up because of the suffering they are causing. Poor devils – thanks devils!

      It is the recognition of suffering that awakes us to our full potential. As in “Sod this!” 😀


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