Difficulty In Talking To Others?

That is the price of sanity.

Waking up has its problems
because compassion is challenging.
It is an insane world,
run by and for the insane.

The conventional world will talk for hours about trivia. Any discussion of a spiritual nature, which is true healing, is difficult because we each have our own private view. Even when we do find someone who is interested in spirituality or in meditation, the conversation is still uneasy, and goes nowhere. None of us like being lectured to, unless we choose to go to a lecture!

We may feel isolated – and this happens even among people who feel a similar way. There will be differences. This is why there are so many traditions, and saying that we need ‘harmony in diversity’ still won’t make it happen. There will always be divisions…perhaps we don’t all come from the same place! 😀

We practise alone,
and we progress alone.
As a community, it’s sad to say that we remain ignorant
because there will always be subtle frictions.

We have to be skilful when communicating with others. This is the whole point of compassion, and the way in which we achieve compassion is through inner confidence and inner joy. This naturally comes about through understanding the nature of everything; pure awareness of emptiness.

C.S Lewis gave a lecture* where he spoke about the human desire to join the ‘Inner Ring’ and the fear we have of being left out, and how this obsession exposes circles within circles which are exclusive by nature. To find true satisfaction, we drop that longing to be on the inside and ‘in the know’ and instead, love whatever presents itself, getting on with it as best we can: in this way, we find we are naturally the centre of a true inner circle of satisfaction. Others may be attracted, or not – either way, it doesn’t matter because:

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”
William Shakespeare

Sanity is being true to our natural essence.
Insanity is trying to impress others’ insanity.

* http://www.lewissociety.org/innerring.php

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