Those Things That Are Irksome…
that irritate and rub us up the wrong way.

Some things – some people – are pesky and unpleasant, and we wish they’d just go away. Well, the unfortunate news is that, in this lifetime, that’s the way things are – unless they change. The good news is that, in that moment of confrontation, that very thing or person just brightened up your day! Why? Because it is a challenge; there is something to solve. There is a moment of, β€œWhat the hell do I do?”

This is the moment the mind can become quite inspirational. There is always something at hand to solve a problem. Not an axe, but a sword of wisdom! We are incredibly inventive beings. Most of the time we create problems for ourselves and others – but we can also solve problems. We are really bright dudes! When we know there is always an answer, all we need to do is smile, and look for it.

This actually describes wrathful deity activity; in Tibetan Buddhism, there are peaceful deities who have a pleasant demeanour, but they also have a wrathful aspect, a fierce disposition which is energetic love that focuses the mind. In the Bardo practices (the period after death) we are invited to the higher realms by the peaceful deities, and if that doesn’t work, the wrathful deities present themselves to shock us into the moment – remembering that all appearances are but phantoms in the mind. The Bardo practice is also life practice, which helps us to deal with all situations; sometimes we may have to be passifyingly compassionate, and at other times, energetically compassionate – we bark but don’t bite.

I’m only writing this because a person who irritates me came to mind, and I’m not losing my joy because of it! Unfortunately, I know I irritate others (unintentionally, that is). If they only knew how I brighten up their day…! πŸ˜€

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Been brightening my day since shortly before you started this blog adventure…..I’ll always be a “energy amplifier ” and I chose to commit myself to observe your actions,learn,do, and amplify the good energy you’re put outward for all to benefit from it if they choose . I know I’ve made much progress in my understandings and will be forever grateful , and a better person because I made the right choice to follow those little subtle promptings from within ! Thank You !

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