The Dzogchen Journey
to nowhere.
It’s now…here.

Being purely now, here, has many names; it’s what we are. We are pure presence. If it wasn’t for this, we’d be in a conceptual dream state. In the Buddhist Nyingma tradition, this pure presence is called Dzogchen. In the pure presence of awareness, there is nothing to do and nothing to achieve. What could be more holy, divine, sacred, blessed than that? In Dzogchen, words lose their meaning.

If we idolise deities, doctrines, practices or the idea of emptiness, these actually negate the reality that just is. The exaggerator, acting out roles in the pantomime, serves as a prompt. Having remembered, the performance ends.

As we have acquired these ‘special’ practices, we may think,
“Don’t just sit there; do something!”
The whole point is,
“Don’t do something; just sit there!”

When empty awareness is present, all movements in the mind which create ‘our path’ (our confusion) are easily noted. At this level, all distractions are our teacher.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Fuss: a display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity, or interest. Elaborate or complex procedures.

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