Living Proof

When we can smile at our opinions,
aware and un-manoeuvred by the opinions of others,
that is proof of the integrity of essence,
intact, undamaged and unimpaired in any way.
Complete mastery over self.

Well, that’s the aim!

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2 Responses to LIVING PROOF

  1. crestedduck says:

    I was really tested this past weekend and I hit the bullseye by running off the hypocrite preacher and his dog when looked out window and saw them standing in my duck safety area fishing and the dog was in the water and mother goose with 12 babys and my ducks were all up in my yard close to the house looking for protection, and the 8 baby woodducks had disappeared across the pond hiding.
    I told him I thought you would have known better at this point in time with our confrontational history. He started running his mouth about the video I made showing his true colors, I said I told the truth like I always do and you need to go now and take the dog and never step over the rope again I put up to keep you out !
    I kept my cool never broke eye contact and didn’t even mention anything about wanting to, or going to shoot the miserable prick this time, and I’m sure he could see the outline/silouette of my handgun in my pocket.
    I threw his whole childish game off kilter by the way I responded to his attempts to piss me off again and steal my joy and vampire off the negative energy he knows he was creating within me.

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