Real Change Occurs
from long periods of sitting!

When we sit in meditation for long periods, our whole system slows down to where it should be, totally relaxed. It is understandable that, when living in this modern corporate world, finding time to just sit is not easy, and that is what has speeded us out of control.

After long periods of sitting, we change; the old personality drops away, and we just look and notice, as if waking up. It’s like a child walking into a church or temple where there is just vastness and echoes, darks and lights, smells and wonder.

Taking time out from the nightmare is healing. That’s when we find our true selves. We just notice: the word ‘notice’ comes from ‘known’, meaning to recognise, to be familiar with.

How long is a ‘period’?
When you know.

It takes me about an hour and a half.
The effect is noticeable to others,
and is more powerful than words.

Through long periods of meditation,
knowing dissolves into knowingness.

Don’t put off knowing.

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