The Ill-Effects of Corporate Mindfulness

Mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations; used as a therapeutic technique.

Corporate: a large company involved in loss and gain*.

Mindfulness is the ability to remember to be in the moment, the now. If this is used to improve ‘business’, then we are cherry-picking from ancient traditions, and missing the vital point of understanding the reality of our true nature. We become more and more enmeshed in samsara, and manifest as samsaric gods. That is the path of more confusion and suffering. What we think of as ‘mindfulness meditation’ is not meditation. Mindfulness prepares us for meditation. It’s easy to acquire a level of understanding, and still misunderstand.

The moment, now, brings many challenges – and, if not viewed correctly, creates more of the same problems.

The moment, now, is what we are.
In the moment, now, there is no I.
The moment, now, is pure consciousness without other: without an I enjoy it.
There is joy – pure joy – but no audience.
Pure joy is non duality.
“I enjoy” is duality.

Once pure consciousness – which is empty essence – is realised, then, and only then, can whatever arises be transformed and serve as a reminder of our essential nature. That is the point of meditation.

Only now does it become applicable to be “grateful for the moment, the now” because, through non-reaction (which doesn’t mean ignoring), no karma is produced, and karma that has already been accumulated is gradually exhausted, and therefore purified. This is why we are here. From beginningless time we have been searching for this moment.

We are here to be mindful of the eight worldly concerns that cause suffering:
*Hope for gain and fear of loss.
Hope for happiness and fear of suffering,
Hope for fame and fear of insignificance,
Hope for praise and fear of blame.


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