We Became Timemen Instead Of Spacemen

We learn to calculate this to that. We learn to become fascinated, judging, creating and destroying.

Phenomena, having a beginning and an end, has a time limit. Time only exists because phenomena is impermanent.

If phenomena was fixed and constant, it would be permanent, and so would have no time limit. All things – including planets and solar systems – seem real, but will be destroyed by time (and the energy from destruction is the source of the next creation). As we all have our collective blinkers on, we give this no significance, and therefore we live in a collective illusion of accomplishments.

Space is not a thing. It is neither created nor destroyed. It just is. In space, there is no time. Time only exists when WE occupy space. Time is finite. Space is infinite.

Time is associated with the thinking mind; what we call ‘me’. This thinking mind is always calculating, weighing up and judging … tick … tick … tick …

Space is associated with the infinite nature of the mind itself … uncontaminated silence.

Time is a relative reality. Space is ultimate reality.

As we are sentient, time and space are seen as a unity. Because of ignorance of our true nature of luminous space, we embody a form of limited time to realise this enlightened nature … tick … tick … tick …

When we’re young, we’re told what to do.
When we start work, we’re told what to do.
When we grow old and tired, we’re told what to do.

And so there is never time to rest in space.

Finding time and space just to be,
free from others’ limitations,
is the most precious thing in life.

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  1. sivtopia says:

    Love this post! ❤️❤️

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