If I Were An Alien, I’d Avoid Earth!
It’s one disaster after another.

Look at this precious planet, teeming with life running around in hope and fear, not recognising absolute truth. What are we doing? It’s just one disaster after another. It’s total chaos; creatures don’t know where to run. It’s as if we were encoded to fail.

Disaster: from Italian disastro ‘ill-starred event’.
Ill-starred: destined to fail or have many difficulties.

On the other hand, if I were a bodhisattva, I’d head for earth!

A bodhisattva recognises the inner conflict beings have with their true nature of clear light, while identifying with the bound-to-fail coding. People act like machines, when they are free spirits!

I am not a bodhisattva – just a walking, talking, disaster area looking for bodhisattva activity. Where does one look? Surprise, surprise, it’s obvious.

Obvious: easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparent.

Bodhisattva activity is that which recognises the disaster, and realises it has to do something about it!

Bodhisattvas are aliens who are no longer controlled by the disaster area.

They use the disaster area to complete their training.

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