As We Progress, We Take Steps …
and in taking steps, we leave the previous step behind.
We cross over a line!

Having realised that we don’t have to be a ‘Buddhist’ to realise our true nature, we realise that we don’t have to be anything else either!

I feel embarrassed calling myself ‘Buddhist’. I even cringe. I only say I’m Buddhist so that the other person doesn’t assume I believe what they believe; I should probably stay quiet! The problem is that people only have a vague idea of what Buddhism is, and that puts up a barrier. Meeting other Buddhists – or anyone that meditates – is even worse, as this seems to bring out their competitiveness, and probably mine as well 😉 Even if I try to explain that, in essence, there is no difference, they are already backing off at a hundred miles an hour! People cling to a culture, and if they don’t like their own culture. then they cling to or adopt the culture of others. This isn’t the point of the Buddha’s teaching: the Buddha’s teaching is to go beyond.

Of course, we all go through the process of embracing another’s culture – adopting the look, acquiring blessing cords and even having a spiritual name. But there comes a point when we cross over from the pretence. We develop a “retreatant’s mind”, and carry the retreat atmosphere in daily life. We are alone, in solitude, in the city, in a family … and it is a relief, and wonderfully peaceful. We are no longer wound up.

Let it all go.
Let it all out.

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