Know Your Own Mind
(easier said than done)

If we do not look honestly, and admit how our own mind is working right now, then we will stay imprisoned by thoughts and ideas that we have acquired.

We need to recognise the three rudimentary laws that keep us in darkness:

desire assumptions
fear assumptions
ignorance assumptions

Fight, flight and freeze are the very basic programming that keeps us all running around in circles, happily – or unhappily – repeating the same process day after day, from birth to death, remaining totally confused about reality.

We spend our entire lives claiming that we know or believing that we don’t know. Unless we see how we work – or rather, how the ideas we have acquired puff us up or pull us down – we will die in this confused state.

The three rudimentary laws are necessary for survival, but the problem is that they are also ‘self’ maintaining.

Psychology is insight into the workings of our ordinary mind, which is still a philosophy because it omits absolute reality: philosophy‘ from the Greek ‘philosophia’ – ‘love of wisdom’.

Wisdom turns assumptions of philosophy on their head.

Here is a subtle dilemma: the love of wisdom is an intellectual exercise, while wisdom itself is what we are. We can become hooked by philosophy – the love of wisdom – but set free by the realisation that we are the wisdom itself. It is this self-wisdom that recognises the state of our mind.

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