I Cannot Meditate

Okay. Can you be aware ? It’s natural to be aware – just aware – but usually, when we do nothing, we fall into a vacant state, having or showing no intelligence or interest: a vacant stare.

We aren’t sure what we’re supposed to be doing.

The trick is to be aware of the awareness. It’s the same as being conscious of consciousness. We can do this for short moments – any where, at any time. We can notice our breath and be aware and conscious: it only takes a moment, a couple of seconds, or maybe a couple of minutes.

Being aware is meditation. We are just being aware – not of some thing, but of awareness itself, consciousness itself. That’s how we can relax. Meditation is just relaxing without becoming a vacant state. Within that awareness, we become aware that we are that awareness, that consciousness. It only takes a short moment.

If you find this worthwhile, then practise many moments, many times. We don’t need to try too hard, too seriously, too critically, as that will lead to suffering.

Who is it saying “I can’t meditate”?
How much do you want to be happy?

Take a moment to enjoy the moment.

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