The Big Picture

If we could scan the entire, infinite universe (which is impossible because it’s infinite 🙂 ), we would not find any more profound wisdom than our own awareness. We would also not find anything more frivolous and stupid than our own ego-clinging that protects our sense of self importance, and forgets awareness.

Why is awareness so important? It is how we can investigate the inner and outer worlds – the whole of the impermanent universe and the nature of absolute reality, our essence. That is the big picture!

Aliens (it is an infinite universe) – whether with higher or lower I.Qs – have the very same potentials of absolute wisdom or absolute stupidity. We are, in fact, all aliens of some sort who think they are human. Every alien will have the very same emotions and wisdoms as ourselves, but we all forget.

We have big ideas.
What we need is the big picture!

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