It Takes Time To Realise Our Reality

The essence of the Dharma cannot be comprehended by the conventional mind. Hearing or reading about the Dharma is immediate, but that’s just information: to experience and realise the Dharma, we need a still, open mind in order to see clearly. If we think that we know the Dharma, then we’re just fooling ourselves. The realisation is that there is nothing to find – we are what we seek.

Our true reality takes time to process; it’s the great ‘double take’ – to look at something and then look again because you suddenly realise that something unusual is happening. We are not what we see. This isn’t something we can cleverly work out: it is the seeing itself that is realised … “Oh!?”

All we have to do now is remain in the “Oh!?” It solves everything. It knows everything about you and what you need. Call it rigpa. Call it the inner god. Call it advaita. Call it whatever you want. It’s a mystery only to the thinking mind.

The practice is to be … !

Some comment on text and teach about form, method, procedure, ritual, convention and outward forms of religion. And some bring to light the inner essence.

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