Mastery Over Perception

Mastery over perception
means that we cease to react to appearances.
Karma is therefore no longer reinforced,
purifying samsara.
And the lighter … and lighter … we feel!

You can see where this is going!


Karma: the residue of memories that influences our behaviour.
Samsara: the perpetuation of karmic influences that fixes us into a seemingly solid reality of dissatisfaction.

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  1. marcel says:

    Hello Tony,

    Just back from the Tsoknyi Rinpoche conference in Toulouse with a sense of unconditional OKness 🙂

  2. marcel says:

    Yeah, but there were not a lot of questions, as the teachings speak for themselves and there is not a lot to react to. Tsnoknyi spend quite some time on the subtle body, bindu, the need to bring long down and to make peace with the beautifull monsters. All in all a great experience. Very gentle person.

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