In Rigpa, Nothing Sticks

This means that ego has nothing to feed on

In rigpa* we can clearly see, feel, taste, smell, hear and think, but without attachment; as a consequence, we do not become oversensitive.

Mastery over phenomena
means that phenomena
has no mastery over us.
It doesn’t stick 🙂

In this modern world, we are taught to be in touch with our feelings and, as a result, we can be oversensitive. Being oversensitive, we are easily offended, and demand that the world changes. Such behaviour is contagious, and we become collectively addicted to self interest, sentimentality and self-indulgence. That is emotionalism!

Being attached to our feelings as a guide to truth obscures reasoning – and results in a sticky world.

To cope in this topsy-turvy state of utter confusion, we need clear insight in order to detach ourselves, and avoid becoming victims.

Being is simple.
Being human is complex,
and we can deny ourselves natural, spontaneous joy.

*Rigpa means pure awareness or empty essence.

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