Inspiration Is Both Magical And Psychological

Inspiration can seem magical, in the sense of seeming to come out of the blue, but it is actually a reminder of something we always knew: “Why didn’t I see that before?!”

We didn’t see that before because we were blinded by the drug of conventional programming. Dissatisfaction arises because we know there is something more than the collective ideals, and that dissatisfaction is the key. When we realise the cause and effect of the programming, we awaken, and can never truly go back into the dream. It’s sort of magical – but really, it’s all psychological.

‘Waking’ is seeing the light; now, even in dreams, there is light. There is no getting away from the light because it’s what we are – and have always been.

In the light, everything is inspirational … from goodness know where.

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  1. Kathie says:

    Hello Tony
    It’s interesting that pretty well everybody one talks to about inspiration is eager to talk about what stimulates and motivates them – and it’s such a personal thing. And as you say, not only is it individual, but it seems that different things inspire us at different times in our lives. Inspiration seems to be a really journey that is inextricably linked to our spiritual path.

    • tony says:

      Hello Kathie,

      Our spiritual path to realisation is merely our own personal confusion about what we truly are.

      Being surrounded by other’s confusion makes our spiritual awakening both challenging and inspirational.

      Challenging because of the others projections, and inspiring because we can empathise with those projections.

      The less divided we are the more the love.


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