Disproving God To Find God
Believing Is Not Seeing.

The great deception is the great disappointment, and can be the greatest joy. Once we see, we no longer have to rely on belief.

Enlightenment is seeing, and not believing.

Seeing is realising pure, uncontaminated consciousness. There is nothing highfalutin about this; we don’t need special clothing or a holy attitude. It is present right now, just in seeing these words innocently.

Not believing is seeing all appearances as illusory occurrences in the mind, without fixating on them, which causes suffering.

The Buddha did say, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.” He wanted to ensure that we are not deceived by merely believing in his words.

Can we find God in the same way?

God is not a belief about someone ‘up there’. God is the seeing itself, which is pure, uncontaminated consciousness. Any occurrences in the mind about God are merely illusory appearances that limit this realisation, and upon which we fixate. Unfortunately, we become aggressive – and can even kill – to protect that which we are led to believe. That is the great, deceptive excuse.

We have been led to believe by omissions. As long as we are led to believe, we have to rely on a guru or some religious teacher, and we will remain ignorant. Relying on the teacher is lazy and causes us to be subordinate – inferior in rank – when, in truth, we are Buddha consciousness, God consciousness, now.

Spirituality is not worshipping: that is religion. Religion controls most of this planet’s population, even the non-believers who are caused to react against the believers. The devil divides and conquers – and the devil is our own ego, clinging to likes and dislikes.

Religion is full of blazing splendour, and so requires a constant source of money. Acquiring money needs people … a lot of people.

When recognised,
the great deception is the great disappointment.
There is no longer anything to hold on to.

When acknowledged,
this brings about the greatest joy.

We are what we seek.

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