Why Do We Say Truth Is Relative?

Relative truth is the doctrine that there is no absolute truth.
This is where the world divides into the esoteric and the exoteric.

Relative truth is consciousness relating to something other.

This is a disastrous misunderstanding of the word ‘truth’. Truth is in accordance with reality, which is something constant that never changes. The only truth about relative truth is that ideas, phenomena and situations change as they are impermanent, and so have no reality of their own. That is why the material world is called an illusion, which we believe to be real.

Any discussions within our relative reality are merely opinions, and something to argue about or even fight over. It keeps the world in turmoil, and that is the disastrous effect of relative ‘truth’. To say, “The truth is that this smart phone is better than that smart phone” is a personal view, an opinion, and has nothing to do with truth. If we use the term ‘truth’ in such a way, we downgrade this precious word – and our life. This is what exoteric religion does; it separates us and conflict arises. It’s only at the deepest level of the esoteric that all is a unity.

While we have an image of self and ideas, there will be strife because we believe this relative world of impermanence to be the only reality.

Being stuck in a relative view, we lack generosity and openness; these can only come about when we realise absolute truth.

Absolute truth is our being – pure consciousness. 
We can say anything and think anything, 
but pure consciousness sits all the while, in pure silence,
and inspires wisdom. 

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