The Secret Is In The Essence

The secret – the truth – to any subject is its essential nature, from which everything flows.
Once we know truth, then we know what isn’t true.
If we know the rule, we will know when the rule is being ignored.

The essence of drawing is correct angle and proportion.
The essence of music is intervals and relationships.
The essence of spirituality is pure consciousness.
The essence of love is selflessness.

Essence has no form, whereas information can take many forms.
All subjects have an essence from which form or expression arises.
Essence is simplicity itself; there is nothing to say.
Just be. Just see.

Form can become information-overload to be debated.
If we fixate on the form, we will never realise the essence,
and we will keep searching for more information – and more things to argue about.

Much is written about spirituality and love;
this information is form.
Nothing can be written about pure consciousness and selflessness as it is plain seeing; this is essence.

Information-overload creates indigestion, confusion and lack of confidence.
This is the essence of evil.
Realising essence creates understanding, clarity and confidence.
This is the essence of love.

The secret to the human body is DNA.
The secret to the human mind is consciousness.
The secret to emotions is wisdom.

Knowledge is neutral and can be either used for benefit or harm.
The secret of our selves is our essence of pure consciousness.

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