It Has Always Been Psychological War

Don’t be confused.
Psychological war uses fear and hope,
so psychological war is a spiritual war on consciousness.

This is how it works: spiritual teachings have been used by some to their own advantage, both consciously and unconsciously. Human psychology is old and as infinite as the universe – and extremely simple. Psychologists take their knowledge from spiritual teachings and claim it as their own.

The three gross principles of the universe are attraction, repulsion and inertia. In human terms, these are equivalent to hope, fear and ignorance. How is this spiritual? These same three principles are the gross reflection of the three enlightened principles of purity, consciousness and compassion. When we understand these and see them in action, we are freed from our programming.

Demons work in subtle ways;
they are believable.

Psychological war is about control,
by creating confusion.

Dharma is the psychological x-ray.

So as not to be confused about hope, fear and ignorance, we are talking here about what drives our entire life, rather than a need in the present moment.

The gross and enlightened principles correlate in the following way:
We are uncontaminated enlightened beings.

Hope/desire equate to purity/emptiness: when we desire, we contaminate consciousness.
Fear/aversion equate to consciousness: because consciousness is contaminated, we judge and separate.
Ignorance/indifference equate to compassion: because we judge and separate, we lack love.

Think it’s not that simple?

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