Truth Can Never Be A Belief

Pay attention to what you see,
not what you don’t see.

The word ‘believe’ has become synonymous with ‘know’:
“I believe it’s like this, so I know it’s like this.”

Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, without proof. Hold as an opinion, a thought.

This is Samsaric talk. ‘Samsara’ is Sanskrit for our vicious cycle of material existence which has no actual reality. Everything in the universe except space and consciousness are impermanent, and cannot therefore be said to be inherently real as everything relies on causes and conditions. This is why it is said that everything is an illusion, and only has the appearance of reality. For this reason, fixating on things and ideas, we remain deluded.

There is only one primary truth, and that is pure consciousness as this never changes. Everything else comes into existence through the laws of attraction and repulsion; things come together for a while and then disintegrate, returning to subtle elements for new transformations.

Truth can never be a belief.
Truth is direct, personal experience
beyond all presentations of ideas.

Pure consciousness is the one that unites all.
It is our commonality,
and it is beyond religion.

When we ignore our commonality, we separate into beliefs.

Pay attention to what you see,
not what you don’t see.

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