Omniscient Indifference: It Does Make One Wonder

At this moment, the world (its ordinary people) is unable to function properly because it is in the grip of a variable pandemic of fear. Through fear, we seek help – but from whom?

Scientists? Politicians? God? The Enlightened ones?

Politicians and their scientists are managing this fear, and as usual it’s not making things better; we just become more reliant on whatever they tell us. That is how politicians and their scientists work, making us dependent and hopeful.

So people may turn to God or the Enlightened ones and again, it’s what we usually do when we don’t trust politicians and their scientists. But we’re then back in dependence and hope.

We may believe in long-ago stories of a supernatural nature, but such events do not happen in our presence. How does God – or the Enlightened ones – actually manifest in situations like this? With an idea of good things to come?

There is ordinary good and evil in this world, manifesting as selflessness and selfishness. We can all understand that. The world is in tenuous state and prospects for our future look terrifying, but it’s all an illusion.

Clearly, God and the Omniscient ones cannot do a thing.
Why not?
They don’t actually exist in the way that we think they exist.

All that exists is continuous pure consciousness,
called ‘God’ or ‘Enlightenment’.
It’s what we are.

Trying to be enlightened is denying enlightenment.
It’s like wanting the grass to be green when it’s already green!

Omniscience: the state of knowing everything.
Who knows everything?
Pure consciousness.

In an infinite universe, everything is made up of parts,
and therefore has no reality of its own.
Even our thoughts have no originality.
It’s very simple.

The past leaves a residue for us to follow:
we just have to know if it’s enlightening or not!

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