This Is Absolutely The Right Time

This is absolutely the right time. We all go through a process of worry and wondering, and come to a certain point of dissatisfaction. This moment is important, and time to move on.

We recognise that whatever we have heard so far no longer satisfies us as we see only the negative side. There are many levels of understanding: each level uses the same words, but the meaning changes through personal understanding. Even the ‘baddies’ know this with their doublespeak.

In a room full of people all listening to the same teacher, we can respond differently to those teachings. To be honest, fellow students can seem crazy – and that’s when the isolation starts and it’s time to move on.

We can live happily in ‘isolation’ in the midst of the religious and the scholars (although they can be a distraction 🙂 ). It’s how we see, rather than what we are seeing and hearing that matters. There is nothing wrong with being religious (following the form) or being a scholar (following the words) but these have their limitations as it is the realisation of the meaning (the truth) that counts.

This blog is about finding inner realisation in a crazy world full of fantasies of someone or something to chase after. The word ‘Buddha’ means realisation of our true nature and the clarification of the obscurations that conceal that true nature. This is actually a realisation of truth and lies which humanity has pondered for millenia. If we do not know the truth, we live in lies. This is not as harsh as it might sound: we have simply been deceived about our true reality, and that confusion is our path to realisation and enlightenment.

In the first instant of hearing religious or scholarly words, there is no identification or comment, but just pure consciousness. That is the right moment, the right time! Not a ‘special’ occasion. The right time is always now; anywhere and everywhere. That moment of pure consciousness is what we are, and is what we have always been. Without the clarity of purity, nothing would be known. It’s extremely ordinary, simple and natural – without any elaborate behaviour. Our true essence is an uncontaminated state without any name; it is beyond words and names. Being stuck in the words, we become Mara fodder.

Normally, when we humans see something, we refer to memory and judgement, and we react. That is our animal level. Of course, we have to utilise this behaviour to survive, but we can miss the esoteric moment of pure being which is always present. When we miss this, off we go again, back into the war zone, constantly bombarded by suggestions and distractions.

Whatever happens to us is a product from our past, which is karma. Whatever we habitually think is also a produce of the past. It is this that creates our habitual reactions, and our behaviour. When we re-enact, we produce more of the same and become predictable. If, however, we do not just react but sit back for a moment, we can allow our life-programme to display itself, and we don’t have to become involved.

This doesn’t mean we do nothing. We allow space to reflection and, in this way, we can act more skilfully by doing no harm, avoiding gossip, finding harmony. Gradually, the world changes for us. The world itself is still unstable, but now we are no longer caught up in it. We are no longer believers.

Meditation sees to all this – if we know what meditation is for. We start to see our own habitual reactions clearly and, through this observation, we realise and empathise with others’ inner demons, which in truth do not exist. Real compassion and love manifest, and not just for those ‘out of sight’. We take responsibility for our actions, here and now. When we no longer react, evil can no longer feed.

Teachings – what people say – are just generalisations: it is in personal investigation through meditation that those teachings become known, real and alive. The Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

Demonic activity is just our own likes and dislikes. When give in to these hopes and fears, others can – and do – take advantage.

Understanding this is waking up. Whatever is now presented to us is an illusion – including the idea of ‘waking up’ or ‘freedom’! Demonic minds want us to shout, “Freedom! Freedom!” because, all the while, we will never be free.

Demonic mind is really sneaky.
But we already know this, don’t we?
We already know everything,
but have been taught that we do not know.
That is why we doubt what we know.

We have a monkey mind that jumps all over the place.
The external excites this monkey to keep it busy.

It is said that we should train our monkey mind,
but all we have to do is see it in action,
and it stops in embarrassment!

We know what we are doing.

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