You Are Already Enlightened

That is what realisation means.

We are led to believe that enlightenment is something at the end of a long journey. This is because we hear the word ‘path’, but the concept of a ‘path’ isn’t correct as realisation happens now, here.

The path is actually to nowhere!

If we think that enlightenment is something to achieve – somewhere to get to – we will never realise the truth. If we make a big deal about our spirituality, that is not spirituality. Religion stops at the point of disbelief, and realisation begins. We will never rest easy or feel good enough if we merely follow others’ insecurities. Feeling that realisation is something to achieve negates realisation. Realisation is coming a conclusion personally: it isn’t about repeating others’ spiritual words. That is just a matter of having a good memory, which is just a part of ordinary samsaric consciousness that leads to judgement and reactions.

Have you ever been to teachings or retreats and felt ‘not good enough’? We could go one of two ways: we can feel that this is not for us, or we can become immersed in conforming to some exotic mould. Either way, we end up in a meaningless state of feeling uncomfortable when questioned.

What if enlightenment was so simple, so plain, so utterly boring that, when realised, we go, “Wow, is that all? What a relief!”. We now taste everything fresh without memories, and then see what is, as it is. In the moment now, there is only tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, touching – just sensations. We can enjoy the sensuality of everything … colours, scents, sounds, light, tactility, flavours … and then just drop this, without any lingering. What we then do will depend on the stability of realisation that is present.

Belief stops at the point of dis-belief.
Spirituality begins when dis-belief begins.

If belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true without proof,
then dis-belief is not accepting something said to be true without proof.

The dictionary states:
Disbelief: inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real.
We live in an idiotic world of confusion.

!Nothing is real!

If a thing is real, it has to be constant and can never not exist.
The only constancies are space, pure consciousness and mathmatical formulae.

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