This Isn’t The Age Of Truth

At this time, few have experience of truth.

Reading or hearing spiritual texts on truth isn’t knowing the truth of our reality. It is we who have to put the text into practice, accompanied by genuine compassion for all without partisanship, and without becoming fundamentalists.

If we look in a modern English dictionary, we could be confused about the meaning of ‘truth’. It states that truth is something that is true; a fact, a reality, the state of things as they actually exist.

Reality: late 15th century: via French from medieval Latin realitas, from late Latin realis  ‘relating to things’.

That is not a complete picture, is it?

Things cannot be said to be real if they are impermanent. The only truth of their reality is that they are unreal as they are temporary phenomena, and only seem to be true. This is the great deception. If something is true or real, it has to be constant, and cannot cease to be. The truth is whatever it is that has not changed in your life.

Hint: space, consciousness … and formulae.
The ‘formula’ is that which hold things and self image together.
The Dharma is the formula which transforms these into wisdom.

The three negative principles of attraction, repulsion and indifference
– and their corresponding wisdom principles of emptiness, cognisance and compassion –
are unfailing universal formulae.

Not knowing, we fall into excessive activity.
Knowing, we find inner peace.

Although this isn’t the age of truth but the age of conflict, we can now make the fastest spiritual progress. Why? Because deception is so obvious.

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