The Only Person You Will Learn From

The only person you will learn from is you, your self.

A teacher can only give general instructions from text, and offer commentaries from their own tradition and culture. We can imagine that they are with us, but that’s all.

Our self is our karma; it’s with us constantly. We carry around this collection of past ideas and reactions, pretending that it’s what we are while it’s merely a projection used to impress – while everyone else is doing exactly the same thing.

It takes courage to stop, look, and transcend this illusory existence which is so obvious to others, but not to us. So as not to embarrass one another, we ignore the pretence when, in fact, our embarrassment can teach us that this projection isn’t real. This is conscience at work, and is the reason we feel guilty most of the time.

We know, but cannot express our true nature until we find the language that takes out the word β€œI”.

Let’s hope we learn something this coming year πŸ™‚

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