Interfering With Nature

Nature is highly adaptable.
We are nature and, as such, are highly adaptable,
with innate qualities of
purity*, consciousness** and compassion***.
This is our essential nature.

When – through ignorance – we interfere with these three qualities,
they transform into like, dislike and indifference.
This is our gross nature.

In becoming dependent, we have lost the ability to see and taste for ourselves; we judge by something we’ve read or heard, and just repeat that.

When we’re independent, we are one with nature, the universe and beyond. ‘Beyond’ is uncontaminated consciousness.

Working against that which is natural, we interfere with nature and become gods. We abuse nature with our cleverness, which will have consequences.

Our innate, essential qualities will, however, always dawn. What looks down the microscope?

Whatever we do in space, space does not change.
Whatever we do in consciousness, consciousness does not change.
Space and consciousness are the constants in the universe.
Be clear about that.

* purity: free of contamination
** consciousness: ability to know
*** compassion: ability to empathise

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