Giving Up Hope … Hooray!

So, nobody listens: this doesn’t mean we give up.
We just give up hoping.

Rarely do any of us change. Change comes from a deep appreciation, valuing possibilities and loving the freedom of giving up the hope that bound us to the hopes of others. We can only change as individuals. Others may inspire us, but it is we who choose to let go of hope … and fear.

The minds of people are unenlightened and, as such, are biased towards some agenda … so they’re not to be taken too seriously. In fact, the more we know about others’ status, the more we give up hoping that they will change. Change is their job. We can have sympathy for their plight, as we’ve all been there. It’s actually enlightening!

Wanting to help is very human,
but we cannot expect change to suddenly happen.
That’s unreasonable.

Our chickens have lovely, safe, clean nest boxes, but they choose to lay in the hedge instead. This is their habit, and so we know what look for as they are predictable. No point in talking to them about it 🙂

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