Seeking The Right (Magic) Words

All my life, I’ve searched for the phrase, or set of words – the magic spell that would awaken us. I’ve come to realise that this will be different for everyone, as it has to be heard at the right time and in the right place, and probably said by right person.

Every day, a phrase comes to mind, and I wonder, “Does this fit? But who is there to hear it?”
Some days, a phrase will repeat itself – and, at the moment, that phrase is, “Fresh or frozen”.

Fresh is whatever is happening in this present moment, which is juicy and nourishing.
Frozen is whatever is brought in, prepackaged or borrowed from elsewhere, and is cold and dry.

We have come to believe that “fresh-frozen” is fresh. It isn’t. For this reason, the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it”. To experience this, we have to refine our taste by knowing that a fresh mind is pure consciousness, whereas a frozen mind is full of intellectual acquisitions.

The only way we can stay fresh and open is to drop all our ideas through meditation. We then have uncluttered clarity and are in the right place, free of contamination and fully receptive.

Right consciousness – right mind – right words – right empathy.

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  1. captmccoy says:

    I really like your take on thought

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