Why Does Evil Use Stress?

Our stress point is our weak point that can be worked on. A little anxiety can be made into worry, fear and even hatred. The evil in us knows how to wind others up, and some of us do this very well  -deliberately.

We can feel stress when we are taken away from our natural state of equanimity, which is uncontaminated consciousness. Our contentment zone.

We lose this equanimity when we are unable to control our emotions, and thus create stress for others. Stress is catching … “I’d been trying so hard to stay calm, but in the end, I just lost it.”

The trick to staying calm:
Know that you are being wound up – deliberately.

We are all naturally different.
If we pick away at our differences, the wound will fester.

Diversity: from Latin diversitas, past participle of divertere ‘turn aside’.

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