Lulled Into A False Realm of Existence
That’s us.

We are lulled into doing things, and because we get so involved in doing these things, we talk about them as if we are experts. Experts in trivia. But trivia is not our reality. However clever we are, that is not our reality. Our reality is pure perception, before we become involved in things, family, career, entertainment-news…

Sit in silence, and ponder why you chose to do what you did; what are the results, and what are you doing now? Ask yourself, “What am I?”

Having made our decisions, we have to play them out. We cannot just walk away… they follow us 😀 What we can do is stop clinging to trivia, and see how life takes some timely turns for the better, towards the important things in life, and an experience of our true reality.

The natural universe wants the best for us and every living thing,
expanding to our full potential.
The natural universe is all about constant development
and, to do that, things must be put in their right place.

Choose wisely. On our death bed, will we wish we had more wealth and power? Or will we be content to have realised our true reality, with the answers to all our questions?

Wealth only makes us excited, while we remain in poverty to the wisdom of transcendental insight into our true being.

Who are we trying to impress?

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