Realisation Is The Light That Illumines The Darkness

It is personal experience of seeing which realises the evil that dulls the mind into darkness and the mundane. Evil is anything that intentionally confuses the mind, thereby obscuring clarity. Evil isn’t something monstrous; that is merely a dull mind at work. Evil is whatever is behind the scenes, instigating confusion.

Once we are clear about how the mind is obscured,
that is the light of realisation that illumines the darkness.

Light and dark is the history of humanity: good and evil, realisation and ignorance, unconditional happiness and conditional happiness, clarity and confusion, selflessness and selfishness, heaven and hell …

There are opposites in every situation, but there is also a wonderful connection 🙂 The light that illumines darkness reveals that the dark never existed, and therefore, evil can never succeed.

Those who live in the shadows fear the light. The more people realise their true nature of pure consciousness, the more the darkness will recede, departing from the collective mind.

Evil wants everyone to be dull, and to fear the light of realisation:
truth becomes a conspiracy.

Realisation wants everyone to see the light:
truth that everyone can see.

To know darkness, light must be present!
Darkness and light are therefore inseparable.

“We are free in the moment of seeing.”
– Tulku Urgyen.

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