There Are Many Wise Words

In the past couple of thousand years, there have been many wise words handed down for us to identify with. That is both wonderful, and a subtle problem.

When we identify with words, we identify with names, and that creates a duality – a ‘me’ and a ‘something else’. It’s an extremely subtle trap that creates and maintains separation or division.

To be practical, in conscious awareness we have to realise non-duality, but this doesn’t mean being one with something, as there would still be a duality present.

The question is, what is it that is identifying?
That which is consciously aware and has no name.

The pure experience of true essence is beyond words or names which divide us.
‘Pure’ means without additives.

Personally, I feel that a trick was played on humanity thousands of years ago, and that trick or meme has plagued us ever since: ideas evolve and deviate into different names around ‘one’ theme.

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