We Are Not Too Thick!

Being ‘thick’ is being heavy with prejudices (preconceived opinions). However, this is not all bad news as the definition of enlightenment is full cognition of the problem. So if we are aware of how thick we are, this is wonderful news … unless we want to stay thick!

The answer to all our questions comes from us; it is our recognition. This is more important than respect for the words of the Buddha as we ‘got it’, and should celebrate. Teachers – and even Buddhas – cannot do this for us. Teachers can point the way, but it is we who have to recognise the answer by weighing it and testing it. There is a mass of information out there, but it’s meaningless without our recognition.

The answer is always in the question!
“Who am I?”
I am that which asks the question!

Teachers and retreats are vital, but we have to know when we’ve ‘got it’ and then get on with it. We need teachers but we don’t need to be needy 😉 We can become overly dependent upon and even addicted to the teacher. Retreats are a bit like buying a lottery ticket; we feel we have to keep going, just in case this time, we will ‘get it’!

In the developed world, people have low self esteem: we are fundamentally unsure of ourselves and therefore doubt whether we really have ‘got it’. This is the outlook of poverty, denying our true wealth.

The outer teacher merely points the way to the inner teacher, and then the responsibility is on us.

Just relying on the guru, we stay as beggars, ignoring our inner wealth.

There is no magic coming from the guru: it’s all in our minds. It doesn’t matter how ‘thick’ we are – the very moment we recognise our thickness…it’s gone! The quality of our practice will dictate how quickly that thickness reduces – or returns.

Our wealth is the jewel in the mud, the buddha in the mud, the true nature of our own mind – our essential nature. It’s just there, pure and simple…that’s if we have been honest about washing off the mud!

The less heavy we are with preconceived opinions,
the weightier we become with wisdom qualities.

We recognise a teacher by their qualities, and not by a name.
The outer teacher explains the qualities of our inner teacher:
this is the most precious of all.

The Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it out of respect – test for yourself!”

The word ‘Rinpoche’ means precious jewel or precious one
– or weighty with qualities.

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2 Responses to WE ARE NOT TOO THICK!

  1. crestedduck says:

    The different bibles also teach of Jesus speaking to the disciples and saying…these things I do, you are capable of doing, and even more, by way of the God/Source/holy spirit inside you .

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