Utilising Our Pattern Of Behaviour.

Our pattern of behaviour is a regular and intelligible sequence discernible in certain actions and situations. If you asked me what I’d like to eat, I’d generally say, “Grilled tomatoes on toast!”

Because of our relative nature, family environment, education, career choice etc, we fall into a certain behaviour pattern. This could be called ‘programming’ or karma (the result of previous actions and reactions), and this is also our way back to our true nature: in observing our karmic reactions, we uncover our true nature, and it is therefore our path. Even though we have to live with our patterning, in the recognition of this, we are trying to collapse the limiting effect it has upon us.

We know. However, we may also find it difficult to express what we know. We have to utilise what we have and not feel guilty or ashamed of our limitations – and neither do we need to feel conceited. This is being true to our relative self, our confusion, our path!

As an example. I had a poor education and was brought up in a coarse environment: if you met me, you’d probably think, “How odd, insignificant and ordinary!”. This would be true on a relative level. Having said that, being well educated and refined is no guarantee of having anything worthwhile to say.

Our pattern cannot really be changed unless we undertake masses of self investigation. We become a fixed personality at a very young age, but we can, however, refine what we know and how we communicate. We should never feel ashamed of who we are. If others try to do make us feel so, it says much about them, doesn’t it?

We have created our own path by consent. Some people’s paths are lined with flowers with long, exotic names. Other paths have less distractions with an occasional pleasing flower.

Never be ashamed of who you are.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    This is a really great post today…Some of us are aware of who and what we are…and just trying to do the best we can with what we currently have to work with .
    Acceptance, and learning to do much with little, and being content with the results.
    Knowing you tried, and your heart was in the right place, that is what matters and is priceless !

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