Born Into A Matrix Spell

Matrix: the cultural, social, or political environment in which ‘something’ develops.

As we are born into this matrix, it moulds us. So what am I?

We are pure awareness that has mistaken its true nature, and entered the automaton matrix factory, where we become programmed. From a Tibetan Buddhist point of view, this happens even before birth: we are attracted to one or other of a couple in sexual union (which is our habit) and we enter the womb.

Once programmed within the matrix-mould which limits our understanding, we then, conceitedly, go on to programme others. This is how the matrix is maintained: it’s the blind leading the blind, and it’s bleedin’ obvious when you open your eyes 😉

Here we have to be very careful of the trap of blaming others. We have to question our own programming first, and then recognise how our righteousness within the matrix wants to programme the rest of humanity. The Dharma is a tool to cut through this programming, but it is our own observations and experience that actually break the spell!

Spellbinding: holding one’s attention completely as though by magic; fascinating.

Incidentally, the Dharma can be spellbinding too! (I once mentioned, within a retreat meeting, that the Dharma could be using neuro-linguistic programming – and I received some very dark looks…)

This programmed ‘something’ that develops is what we mistakenly call ‘self’, which is programmed to identify with the body and mind. And so we say, “I am tired,” or “I am confused,” when it is the body that is tired and the mind that is confused. Pure awareness is never tired or confused, but merely distracted, moment by moment, by the programming.

We intuitively know something is wrong, and so we are in constant conflict; this conflict is between self (the programmed) and self-less-ness (which is immune to programming), and is the reason that we find ourselves condemning others who don’t conform to our matrix environment.

We have to become aware of the reactions and responses of this body and mind, recognising that the mind is criticising as opposed to discerning. The creation of an I is the programme.

So what is self-less-ness?

What we see, we cannot be. Self-less-ness is that which is aware of the self-identification of the body and mind. We are the final observer – pure awareness. So what do we do about this programming? This programme – this karma – has to run its course, but through refining awareness, our reaction-games become more transparent. We see through them clearly!

Once we see how we are caught and held, we empathise with the ways in which others are caught and held. Then true compassion arises (well it can arise, as long as we don’t used this knowledge against others, trying to programme them, creating more self programming and inner conflict 😉 )

The good news is that wisdom sees through it all and remains in perfect peace.

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