“All The World’s A Stage”? Or Is It Just Staged?

We are bombarded with so much information that we are not informed. It is just clutter. We never see the complete picture, and are kept hopping from one foot to the other. We forget to value our own awareness, and the simplicity of just enjoying being aware. We would readily admit to loving the wind in the trees, but how long do we actually rest there? It’s a sound byte of experience, and then we feel we have to be off, ‘doing’ something.

Demonic activity wants us to be busy, to take sides, to fixate, limiting our view. It divides us. There is no time to reason, “How did I come to that conclusion?” and “Why do I act like that?” We are cluttered with sound bytes of information and live our lives accordingly, reacting, reacting, reacting, defending, defending, defending. Demonic energies are like that!

False information, incomplete information, economical-with-the-truth information, all come at us fast and furious, maintaining confusion. Just look at the ‘news’: it either attracts our aggression or dulls us with cuteness. We do not have one original thought or emotion in our combined heads.

Stepping off the stage
Stepping off the stage is merely being aware; all those thoughts drop away. We then see clearly and think straight! Of course information is useful, but it is not knowledge until we touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it, see it. When we realise that it’s not such a big deal, we are free – and can no longer be stage managed.

When we leave the stage,
our review may not be welcomed
if we point out that it’s just a repeated script.
To be honest, we can’t be that honest.

Catch as catch can:
use whatever is available.

Wisdom is realising all the stages!

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