Complex Karmic Timelines

Where the past meets the future,
and the future meets the past.

When interacting with others, we either talk about a conventional reality now, in which we recognise and empathise with something from the past, or we are introduced to our potential in the future. Good company enhances and can help us to fulfil our potential.

If we empathise with someone’s past through remembering our past, then we show compassion. If we recognise and appreciate someone’s superior qualities, this is devotion. Here, we are seeing our past and our future. We don’t consider ourselves to be separate from others: as long as pride and jealousy don’t get in the way, there are just various stages of evolution.

Others are part of our karma, and we, theirs, and this offers a huge opportunity to develop compassion and devotion – a deep appreciation for an advanced understanding, which is also our potential. As human beings, we all have the same potential: it’s just a matter of time.

When we recognise jealousy that arises in us from a feeling that another is superior, that very acknowledgement reveals our own capacity and is known as ‘all-accomplishing wisdom’. When we appreciate the good qualities of someone else, the ability to recognise those qualities means that those qualities are also within us; we couldn’t have recognised them otherwise, so we needn’t feel jealous.

When we feel we are superior to others, and are thus possessed by pride, we merely have to remember that everyone has the same potential and will arrive sooner or later: that is the compassionate ‘wisdom of equality’.

So, interacting with others is a great teacher, as there is no strife and we are no longer controlled by the Kali Yuga.

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