The Magic Of Coming To Your Senses

It’s common sense!

(I write as things come to mind – things that I have to remember – and I just share them; it’s not supposed to sound like a lecture! :D)

The magic in sound.

I’m just using the magic of sound as an example, but this applies to all the senses. If we take mantra as a means, then we can transform everydayness into everyday beyond-ness.

It is important to know that, in the senses and pure consciousness, there are no concepts. There is merely hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and perceiving. Concepts are a subsequent translation in the mind, formed by memory and judgement.

Mantra is made up of syllables (it could be just one syllable). This is usually in language that is not our own, and makes the mantra easier to chant as it is metered. Generally, they are Sanskrit words, but they can be Tibetan, Latin, Greek … Of course, knowing the meaning is important, but the actual experience – the magic – is in the sounding itself, which is non-conceptual. Sanskrit and Tibetan are endowed with ancient spiritual meaning, so they have a psychological effect on us.

The whole point is the actual sound we make and hear, and so become one with. When we are sounding, we are actually practising the six perfections of generosity, discipline, patience, perseverance, concentration and transcendent knowledge, which is our path to purification. The first five perfections are ordinary activities, until transcendent wisdom is realised; then the magic starts. Transcendent wisdom is purity itself, pure consciousness.

In transcendent wisdom, there is no ‘me’ – no ego – so generosity, discipline, patience, perseverance and concentration are naturally present. Knowing the one encompasses all. When sounding and listening (perceiving), gradually the sound and hearing become simultaneous: there is nothing to think about. We are now resting in empty awareness, in transcendent wisdom, in pure consciousness. This is the practice of purification. This is the magic of purification.

If we merely associate with the meaning of the words, we acquire an intellectual understanding. Although this is vitally important, if we stay at that level, we can miss the experience and realisation of oneness or non duality. Being one with the sound (or any of the senses) is refreshing. Everything calms down and our batteries are recharged.

One thing to remember is that we can also discharge the batteries by being over-enthusiastic or excited! We can exhaust ourselves, and/or become sentimental. The experience of a sunset is marred by a poetic chatter. Having awoken, we go back to sleep. Sensuality can bring consciousness alive, as in slow sex – or you could sing!!! It’s the same thing.

Tantric sex distinguishes between the experiences of orgasm and ejaculation. Although they often happen at the same time, men are capable of having orgasms without ejaculating. Ejaculatory control is what makes it possible for Tantric lovers to capture and extend the magical energy of orgasm. By holding back, men can experience a series of “mini-orgasms.”

This does not mean that you are never to ejaculate, but that you can control your climax. The essence, say Tantric experts, is to catch a wave of energy and to surf the edge without going over. Use these strategies to stay atop the wave.”

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  1. tony says:

    It’s not sensuality that binds us, it’s clinging to sensuality that binds us.

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