whole, undivided, unified, sound, intact, not damaged.

Do we have integrity? No. We are integrity.

Now for the tough question. Do we manifest integrity, being honesty, true and compassionate in our actions and conduct? Does our absolute nature work with our conventional nature? It’s easy to express our views at length, but are we genuinely kind to others? Kind, because we can empathise with their inner conflicts rather than trying to make them the same as us?

Understanding spiritual absolutes and values is a piece of cake; it’s sweet and pleasing. True care and compassion takes discipline, patience, generosity, perseverance, concentration, and above all, wisdom. True care and compassion is not a piece of cake; it’s neither sweet, nor pleasing. It is a direct transference of integrity.

Ask not what integrity can do for you,
but what you can do for integrity.”

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