The Rope Bridge

The meticulous, precise Dharma teachings may not always be available to us, so we shouldn’t take them for granted.

The Dharma is a very narrow rope bridge across a deep samsaric ravine. We are aware that others have used the bridge to go beyond. It is there for our benefit, but it is up to us whether we trust it or not: no one is forcing us to cross. We could go on waiting to find another way, but this one has presented itself to us now. If we wait, we may become frozen … for a very long time.

In essence, the Buddha’s Dharma is no different to Christ’s teaching, the Advaita or any path of love and understanding, but each approach will be different. Even in Buddhism, there are many traditions and techniques, but when everything is washed away, all that is left is the purity of uncontaminated emptiness – our exact, true nature.

Realising that we are the truth is the highest human endeavour, and not to be taken for granted. It is not an entertainment: to see it as merely an intellectual pastime will have serious consequences, as we are belittling the truth – our selves. This will hamper our progress, as we will become just proud Samsaric Gods, not having actually crossed over.

If you find a way, use it, as this is the product of good karma, and not to be wasted! We cross the ravine of samsara by giving up thoughts of ‘me’. The very moment all thoughts of me and mine disappear, we have crossed over.

In meditation, it is easy to see how we cross over into emptiness, and suddenly find ourselves back on the original side because we are taken over by thoughts again. That is why we use the word ‘practice’. Practice make perfect.

The Dharma makes no demand of us: it’s just there waiting. However, the more we turn our backs on actual sitting practice, the less we will recognise the value of the path, and the more frozen we will become.

To levitate is to be light, and not weighed down:
what could be lighter than emptiness?

When nothing holds us down, then we are flying,
and not bunny hopping.

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1 Response to THE ROPE BRIDGE

  1. marcel says:

    “Nowness is the sense that we are attuned to what is happening. The past is fiction and the future is a dream, and we are just living on the edge of a razor blade.”

    ― Chögyam Trungpa

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