Before Gaining Confidence

Before we gain confidence, we need conviction, and before conviction, we need to be convinced.

So, what do we trust? Our spiritual journey usually starts by meeting someone, or by hearing or reading something that makes some sort of sense. But it may not be clear because that was only hearsay: we have to be where it’s at!

We discover that we are like a computer that’s not running properly. There are viral contaminations that confuse and harm: after all, we are embodied in a biomechanical machine.
Biomechanical: relating to the mechanical laws concerning the movement or structure of living organisms.

We sit in meditation and find that the machine has problems – it’s wandering all over the place. We are out of control, or rather, we are being controlled by the viruses or malware.
Malware: programming or files that are developed for the purpose of doing harm.

We need an anti-virus programme! And that is a tradition of meditation. The first thing we discover, while sitting quietly in meditation, is the malware: the body fidgets and cannot come to rest, and the mind is the same. Environmental influences that stimulate and over-excite are running in the background, and these control our machine through harm-ware.

Are you now convinced that you need to do something about this? 😀 With proper meditation, your system should start running properly and happily. That is the whole point of spiritual practices: to gain insight into your self and how it works.

You see that it is only in the very practice of meditation
that the problem is seen … and thereby solved.
You see, and so gain confidence.

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