Are Christianity And Buddhism Compatible?
Certainly, if one widens the circle of understanding.
Compatible: Latin compatibilis, from compati – ‘suffer with’.

Put it this way; we are all human.
All humans have both awareness and beliefs, and they suffer.

To have a belief, we have to be aware that we have a belief.
To have awareness, we have to believe that the practices we do will be of benefit.

To simplify: Christianity (or theism) is based on belief, and Buddhism is based on awareness or consciousness.

The problem is that if we narrow our circle of understanding, we may become a little tight. And if we widen our understanding too much, we might think anything goes.

If we feel that we are drowning, we will panic and grasp at anything.
If we learn to swim, we can then play in the water.
If we aren’t taught to swim, we will always have to be reliant upon something to keep us afloat, and we will hold that dear to us, and may even worship it.
If we are taught to swim, and feel confident and free in the water, we will be grateful to our teacher because now we can teach others to experience that same confidence, being free of all dependencies.
Remember: “Not too tight and not too loose.”

Spiritual texts are open to interpretation. The wider our understanding, the more we can accommodate, and the more we can be compassionate. Understanding comes from empirical, verifiable experience, rather than theories.

If we believe without proof, we will always feel vulnerable – and a little touchy.
Any expression of annoyance is an expression of hell.
If we are aware of pure awareness, pure consciousness, we will never feel vulnerable or touchy. Any expression will be an expression of love.

Heaven is the purity of consciousness.
Hell is the impurity of consciousness.
Heaven and hell are right here, now.
One is real, whereas the other is an illusion.
What else can they be?

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