The Dharma Is Like A New Colour …
… one that we never saw before

Our understanding of reality depends on our wish to understand, and the amount of effort we are willing to put in. There comes a point in life, however, when we think we know everything that we need to know, so we don’t – or can’t – look any further.

In Aldous Huxley’s insightful book, “Brave New World”, world reformers eradicated religion, monogamy, and individualistic traits. They stabilised society by indoctrinating young minds into being a certain type; it was a class system to which a person felt they belonged and knew their place. The pleasant narcotic “soma” prevented people from thinking and speaking freely.

We can see this taking place now. Our mechanical minds are programmed to function, without any interest in evolving. Talk about consciousness to most people and we are met with a blank look: “I cannot understand it, so it’s not worth understanding” or “I’m smart enough already, so I don’t need it.”

All the Dharma is saying is to look at awareness – which is consciousness – and that’s what we truly are. We are our own reformer, and not a set of restrictive ideas. The Dharma is not a religion, and neither is it a philosophy: it is spiritual psychology that is provable to any individual, if they make the effort.

The Dharma is about being aware of the workings of the mind. It’s realising our make up to wake up!

If we are brought up in a culture where the Dharma has been longstanding, then, as a natural process, it’s a way of life because there are many inspiring influences. The spiritual way of life is more important than keeping everything clean and tidy.

In the modern world, there aren’t many mahasiddhis to inspire us … but we are very clean and tidy!

We have to want to understand. Wanting to understand is a rarified place in which to be, and it can feel lonely. However, the more closely we look, the more interesting Dharma and colourful life becomes, so there’s no time to feel lonely.

It may come down to being fed up with living within such a limited palette.

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