How Can I Be Happy?

The question should be, “What is it that’s making me unhappy?”

If we recognise that we are not happy, we must innately know what true happiness is. Not knowing that we are intrinsically happy causes problems. The important point is that these problems – or impurities – can be removed. It is actually our hanging onto these impurities that is the problem, rather than the problems themselves. Life can be pure and simple, with every moment enjoyed, even in adversity.

The word ‘happiness’ can be misleading as it has two connotations: pleasure and contentment. These are not the same as each other: one suggests a bubbling and the other, stillness. The bubbling gives us a feeling of excitement, which doesn’t last and so we keep looking for more. Stillness – or rather, contentment – is the flatline of stability in which we just see.

All we want is to return to something we innately know. True happiness is an unshakeable, objective reality, especially under adverse conditions.

We are addicted to the fizz however, and ignore our natural joy of contentment. We don’t have to feel guilty about this; it’s a lifetime’s work. We are being pulled this way and that, away from happiness. We panic and are confused, and life becomes complicated: this is not a happy place in which to be. When we ignore inner values, we can become destructive.

At every moment, knowingness has a choice
either to look for happiness,
or to be happiness.

You are your own master.

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