Being Satisfied With Dissatisfaction

As we learn, we have to drop the limitations of our previous understanding. In this realisation, we can feel either uncomfortable or elated, and that determines where we go next – or whether we stay where we are!

Because there are levels of understanding and realisation, there is room to breath, and step into a vaster space. It’s not as if we learn something and that’s it. We have to ‘wear’ our understanding for a while and see how it relates to our life. There is not a one size that fits all.

When in a group, there is, unfortunately, an assumption made that we all have to feel the same, and that is restricting to say the least. From personal experience, the fact that we don’t feel the way as others can become annoying: we don’t have to say anything … we just don’t laugh at the same things! 😀

We learn sequentially through our own endeavours rather than as a collective, and so there are times when we just have to move on and leave what was behind, behind.

Everything arises within pure consciousness; there is nothing outside pure consciousness.
learning sequentially Pure consciousness, or pure awareness, is the highest, deepest, vast-without-limits practice.

Going to teachings can tell us about pure consciousness, but it is only in genuine, personal interest that we experience a realisation that is more and more refined … and the simpler it gets. All techniques are a support for pure conscious awareness. Once realised, the support becomes a hinderance, and has to be dropped. We only return to the support when we forget.

Because everything is within pure consciousness, pure consciousness tells us everything we need to know. Gradually, the next step reveals itself and we see things differently. We acknowledge that our temperament is unique; that which satisfies one does not necessarily satisfy another.

And so, for a while, we are alone. Then we learn to express pure consciousness – love – and this too has many levels, depending on our capacity. This is where real learning takes place, as there is no outer guidance other than life itself. We gradually learn to tailor our expression to fit the circumstance of others. This is challenging, as others may not be so accommodating to our expression of love!

All that matters is that our heart is in the right place – in their heart!
A meeting of minds is one thing:
a meeting of hearts is something else.

If we don’t give up, we cannot fail.

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