We Are All Part Of The Conspiracy
Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

We are metaphysical beings, beyond physical and mental realms. We are pure conscious intelligence, beyond the control of others … or we should be! 😀 We are unique spirits of pure consciousness. Wow!

Anything that obscures this pure consciousness – whether in body, speech or mind – is harmful to this realisation. It is because pure consciousness is a natural, universal law of absolute reality, that any and all obstructions that limit this experience could be said to be ‘unlawful’.

If we choose to ignore the principle of this universal law of reality by being either attracted to limitations or crusading against them, we are involved, and therefore distracted. We become part of these limiting and restrictive boundaries, and are thus imprisoned.

To whom can you talk about this? Not many people (if any). That’s how corrupt our situation is. This conspiracy started thousands of years ago, with the biased translation – and omission – of ancient text, in order to limit people’s understanding. Certain truths were left out, and others kept secret. Why? In order to control people in subtle ways by making them react and become more confused, descending into a rabbit hole of neediness. How many just repeat, rather than coming to their own conclusions?

Words can be taken either literally or expediently, depending on our capacity to question. Words can either give rise to a belief system, or indicate direct knowingness. For example:

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me.
If you had known Me, you would know My Father as well.
From now on you do know Him and have seen Him …

In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.”

As a Dharma student, I see the truth in this statement, but there is also a seeming deception – or maybe a different level of understanding. There may also seem to be deceptions in Buddhism because there are levels of understanding: although lower levels may appear to be true, upon investigation, a more refined understanding can be realised.

John 14:6 from the perspective of the Dharma:

For ‘life’, we read ‘light’.
For ‘light of men’, we read ‘uncontaminated clarity’.
We, as human beings, have two aspects; a gross physical aspect, and a metaphysical, spiritual aspect. The first we take literally – the ‘imaginary’ self – but this same imaginary self can be taken expediently, as a means of attaining the end of the imaginary self through the realisation of pure consciousness.
‘The way’ is our confusion that has created an imaginary self.
The ‘truth and the life’ is the light of clarity that is beyond the imaginary self, and within all beings,

‘Father’ refers to our ultimate nature, realised through instruction: the realisation of this instruction is inseparable from ultimate truth. The very moment of recognising the ‘me’ to be this imaginary self is the direct realisation of that ultimate nature, free from any graven image.

The way is truth of our confusion.
The light is the recognition and realisation of this.
The moment we recognise the imaginary ‘me’ is the moment of freedom.

No waiting involved.
Heaven is right now.

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