Spiritual Practice Is Transforming Energy
from gross to subtle

By refining our energy through awareness, the right causes and conditions are created for the clarity of consciousness to shine: we become more intelligent, and eventually, enlightened. We do this by being mindful or aware of how we use our body, speech and mind, noting whether our actions expand an atmosphere, or our reactions smother it.

Through right action, we transform our life, and our world. We don’t have to be chanting mantras all the time, or sitting meditating for hours: we just need to be aware of whatever is taking place. To be conscious. Using a system or tradition does help with discipline, and acts as a reminder. Reading, or bringing to mind something that inspires us every day, is a support to lift us out of a mundane world.

If we find ourselves occupied by vacancy, we can become drowsy and live in a neutral state that’s neither beneficial nor harmful, and we end up feeling flat and lacking in energy. Learning something that isn’t mechanical enlivens us, and lights up the synapses. The human brain changes constantly throughout a person’s lifetime, and new connections are continually created, while synapses that are no longer in use degenerate.

It’s interesting that more and more children seem to be being born with exceptional abilities.

This bodes well for the future, and the end game of this dark age … so we don’t want to be left behind do we? 😀

Things are getting better, as the darkness is showing us the way.

Where there are the darkest shadows,
there is the brightest light!

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